Kitchener Massage Therapy

Clinic Pictures
Clinic Pic Outside 1
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KWmassage Exterior Pics

Kitchener Massage Therapy is located on Frederick Street, only a few blocks from downtown. Its the larg blue building on your left hand hide as your approching the down town area.

Clinic Pic Interior 1
Clinic Pic Interior 2
Clinic Pic Interior 3
Clinic Pic Interior 4
Clinic Pic Interior 5

KWmassage Interior Pics

The inside of the Kitchener Massage Therapy office has been referbished with great care to maintain the clasic hard wood look and feel.

Massage Table 1
Massage Table 2
Massage Table 3
Massage Table 4
Massage Table 5

Massage Therapy Table

The Oakworks PerformaLift is the work horse at KWmassage. The adjustable Salon top allows for greater flexibility to position the client in a way that's most comfortable for the client and the most economical for the Massage Therapist.

Welcome video

A quick greeting and welcome to from Jeremy. This video is a little out of date, the location and colleges mentioned are incorrect but the Sentiment is still sincere.