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Information about registered massage therapyand massage therapistsinKitchener Waterloo area. Categories and topics include General Massage Therapy, Stretching and Rock Climbing.

KW Massage is Moving

07 Jul 2017
KW massage is moving more...

What Can Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Treat

01 Mar 2014
Deep tissue massage can treat man things, including: Arthritis, Cramps, Joint Pain, Scars, Whiplash and more. more...

A New Way to Make a KW Massage Therapy Appointment

16 Feb 2014
Cliniko will allow me to take appointments online, control my schedule, record clinical notes and more. more...

Epsom Salt Bath

16 Jan 2014
Because of the high magnesium content, Epsom salts bath can be helpful if you are suffering from muscle achiness or strain. more...

Does the Weather Make our Muscles Stiff?

16 Jan 2014
It’s May 16th and the weather in the Kitchener, Waterloo has been miserable. We had a few weeks of warmish weather but now we are right back to cold and rainy. You might ask why a more...

Massage Therapy Music

16 Jan 2014
I’m not the kind of massage therapist that plays nature sounds, new age music, or any of the other typical spa-type music for more...

Do You Charge An Initial Consultation Fee For Massage Therapy Appointments?

16 Jan 2014
I do not charge an initial consultation fee for massage therapy treatments more...