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Information about registered massage therapyand massage therapistsinKitchener Waterloo area. Categories and topics include General Massage Therapy, Stretching and Rock Climbing.

Climber’s Elbow

16 Nov 2015
Left untreated, climber’s elbow (tennis elbow) can worsen quickly and take you out of climbing for a long time. If you catch it quickly enough, you might be able to stop it from progressing by taking a few weeks off climbing while slowly improving the strength balance in your forearm. more...

Back Pain and How to Massage at Home

16 Oct 2015
Massaging yourself, a friend, or a loved one can be a great way to help relieve back pain. more...

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Training for Rock Climbing

16 Sep 2015
There are two different ways our muscles get the energy they need to perform during exercise: Aerobic and Anaerobic. more...

Video Review for Kitchener Massage Therapy

14 Aug 2015
Video review for Kithener Massage from Josh, a rock climber and business owner. more...

Tension Headaches

13 Jul 2015
Your headache can leave you feeling helpless. You might be surprised to learn that there are things we can do to improve or prevent the crippling pain of a headache without the use of Tylenol, Advil, or more...

Governance of massage therapy in Ontario

13 Jun 2015
Massage Therapy is a regulated health proffession. The CMTO is the governing board that oversees massage therapist in Ontario more...

General Guidelines for Stretching

13 May 2015
Stretching your muscles can be very benificial and a great way to incurage the results your massage therapist worked so hard for. But you need to be careful" more...

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

12 Apr 2015
Deep Tissue massage affects the deeper structures of the body and is very effective in treating chronic injuries. more...

Trigger Points and Trigger Point Therapy

12 Mar 2015
Trigger Points are part of muscle that has become hyper-sensitive and irritable. Trigger Points are found in a tight or stiff band of muscle, and they can be found in muscles throughout the body. more...

Low Back Pain

16 Feb 2015
Low back pain is no laughing matter but Massage Therapy and regular stretching can help. more...