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Stretch Your Levator Scapula

16 Jan 2014
The Levator Scapula muscle runs from the top tip of the shoulder blade up to the top four joints of the neck. more...

How to Stretch Psoas Muscle

16 Jan 2014
The Psoas muscle is a strong muscle at the front of your hip. This is how to stretch the Psoas muscle. more...

How to Stretch Your Rhomboids

16 Jan 2014
The Rhomboids are muscles in between your shoulders. They get sore and stiff from working at a computer with poor posture. more...

General Guidelines for Stretching

13 Jan 2014
Stretching your muscles can be very benificial and a great way to incurage the results your massage therapist worked so hard for. But you need to be careful" more...

Stretch Your Upper Trapezius Muscle

13 Jan 2014
How tp stretch you Upper Trapezius Muscle. more...